August 12th, 2007

is it art?

'art or not?' documentary


Time to set your TiVO....

Tonight, August 12th, at 8pm, Ovation TV will
present Art Or Not? an original special that asks
artists, art lovers, and casual observers to
experience a broad range of visual artwork and
determine if it is indeed art or not.

This Ovation TV original is an exploration of a
question that has entertained, frustrated and
inflamed passionate – and even casual -- art lovers
forever: Is "it" art, or is "it" not art? The
special showcases artists from the edges of the art
spectrum and will aim to discover what makes people
passionate -- and highly opinionated -- about a
broad range of visual art.

featured interviews include
Artists: Jeffrey Vallance, Don Ed Hardy, Shepard
Fairey, Michael Salerno...
Writers: Emma Gray, Suzanne Muchnic, Mat Gleason...

Ovation TV is available on
Direct TV Channel 274
Verizon FiOS Channel 168
Time Warner NY (not set up in LA, yet)
and additional cable stations, check local listings.
Not available outside the US at the moment, but may
end up on the Web at Tube and Space soon.

Full schedule of air dates
Sun August 12 - 8PM, 11PM
Mon August 13 - 2AM
Wed August 15 - 10PM
Thu August 16 - 1AM
Sat August 18 - 5PM, 9PM
Sun August 19 - 12AM, 3AM
Mon August 20 - 8PM, 11PM
Tue August 21 - 2AM
Thu August 23 - 10PM
Fri August 24 - 1AM
Sat August 25 – 2PM, 7PM
Sun August 26 - 8PM

pssssst, and look for one of my artworks in the background during mat gleason's interview!!!! thanks to jeffrey crussell from CFA for negotiating this 'product placement' during our recent visit to gallery c, where some of my works are now available for purchase. WOOT.