August 18th, 2007

baby pony

best friend-age

i've been talking to my best friend, kimmy.......a LOT, lately. like, i'll call her at midnight......and next thing ya know? it's 6a.m. and i H A T E phones. i lose time with this girl, though. she's my UNbiological sistuh, thru and thru.

we talk about our past, but we also talk about the present, future and way BEYOND....she's fuggin' B-A-U-T-ful on a stick. with an extra dollop of whipped cream. plus, a little choco-latte.

detail of my workbench area.....

so, turns out she brought one of her girlfriends over the other night to see one of MY works that's been hanging in her beddy room, since forever ago. i gave this drawing to her decades ago because i knew she appreciated it, i knew she was an art history major, aaaaaaaaand i knew i would've just chucked the fucker away, cuz....well, that's the way i am.

so, this is the shot kimmy took nearly 20 years ago of said artwork (above left), in my collegiate studio. she has since named this oil stick drawing on watercolor paper (dimensions unknown....but, it's bigger n'a bread box and smaller n'an SUV.) 'noel/neal,' cuz it reminded her of one of her other art buddies.

it's one of my favorite pieces, and i'm sooooo glad i didn't trash's in good hands though, and always will be.

maybe kimmy'll have a retrospective of my work one day.....and maybe i'll be alive to witness it??? that'd be way cool.

but, we'll just be giggling like teenagers and eating chocolate chip cookies in the bathroom.......and THAT'LL be the MOST fun...