August 19th, 2007


quote of the day....

clipped from one of my e-chats today with 'O':

' violates the laws of known physics so casually and completely.'

-owen caddy

upon talking of odd psychic phenomena between mothers and offspring.....
baby pony


'the lamb lies down on broadway,' by genesis.

i've been listening to this album for more than 20 years, but never really knew the names of the songs. i would crank it, full volume in my collegiate studio at 4am, when no one was there. i even inadvertently stole the cassette tape of said album from one of my fellow art students, because i listened to it CONSTANTLY, and must've stuck it in my stash without realizing.

when chuck heard i was listening to it tonight, he said.....oh, my favorite song on that album is:
'silent sorrow in empty boats.'

i love the song so much more now, for SO many reasons....