August 26th, 2007

post-it love

chuck's many sides.

try as i might, i've never really been comfortable behind (or in front of) a camera. i often see something in my mind's eye and think it will somehow translate once i frame it in my viewfinder and 'click.' but sadly, the images rarely have the same impact as when i first witnessed them.

i've been trying to shoot chuck for years, and still don't think i have the image down pat. this morning i went out to give him my ritual morning kiss as he was enjoying his coffee and streaming 'this american life,' while thumbing through the new york times. i'm not a newspaper reader, but he routinely saves me sections that he thinks i might find amusing. i've always appreciated having an in house editor around, as it's saved me a lot of time and eye strain.

as i leaned down to kiss him, he looked up at me and his eyes looked a different color. a deeper, more saturated blue than i'd ever noticed before. so, i ran into my studio to grab my camera and hoped chuck wouldn't shy away, like he usually does when i ask to take his picture. he usually starts off with a pose like the one above, followed by equally goofy postures until i tell him to settle down. there's an 8 year old boy that refuses to leave chuck, which is a big part of why i love him so much, don't get me wrong. he helps me feel like i'm still 8 years old in many ways. but, it also frustrates me at times, because *i* know the man that lurks behind those silly grins and stuck out tongues.

which is why i really like the shot below....