January 1st, 2008

baby pony

hoppy new beer!

burrrrrr....can ya tell i'm cold? taken last week in albany, n.y.

i still have a hard time believing i grew up in the frigid midwest (or as chuck calls it, 'back east') cuz, i cannot TELL you how happy i am to be back in sunny so. cal after spending the holidays in upstate new yawk.

not that i don't loooooove chuck's fam and the occasional snow sighting. it harkens back to my youth, when i schlepped 20+ pounds of boots, hats, mittens and coats to warm m'bones on my many treks to and from school. (eh hem: UPHiLL, both ways)

i'm thinking of moving to the equator.
no, really.
it's just i don't think chuck'll find much work there.
unless he caves and starts working the occasional 'girls gone wild' gig.

s'long as my core's up, i don't mind....