January 11th, 2008


honk if you're nasty....

this town is crazy to drive in....even in the small, seemingly 'friendly burbs' of l.a. it only makes me wanna walk EVERYwhere i go. unfortunately, that's not possible with such a sprawling landscape, and many, many freeways in between.

today i realized just how forgiving i am as a driver. i often forget where my horn is, cuz, well, i don't think i've used it more than twice. once i used it when i was backing up and accidentally hit it....yeah, the ditz girl honk. and then again when someone in front of me spaced out and didn't see the green arrow light. and even then i felt such guilt, tapping my horn as lightly as possible, as not to offend, of course......like a horn could ever sound polite.

anyhoo, back to my story.....an oldish man barreled down an empty street as i was pulling out from the eagle rock target store today. i thought i'd gunned it enough to give him plenty of breathing room, but evidently i miscalculated, and he most definitely did NOT feel like coasting. he laid on his horn for a good 10 seconds....o.k. maybe 5, but it felt like 20.

i followed him (not in a stalker kinda way, although i considered it) for a good couple miles and he proceeded to dart in and out of traffic until we parted ways.

all i could think was....'maybe his depends undergarment is full, poor guy?!!'