January 27th, 2008

baby pony

l.a. art show

chuck and i ventured out to the l.a. art show yesterday.....we found a pocket of time where the weather was kind to us, neither soggy nor chilly. this is the first time either of us have experienced the fair, and now i think i'll wanna go every year. it's just a great way to one stop shop, pure and simple. i saw some rauschenberg, warhol, johns and nevelson. that ALONE was worth admission.

aside from the george billis booth, which had my all time fave californian artist carol es, i think i died and went to heaven when we stumbled upon the william shearburn gallery booth, showcasing both tim liddy and ciao fonseca's work. butter, i tell you!

of course, i couldn't help but stop by the gallery c booth (shown above and below) we stopped and chatted with the gallery director, sugar brown (great name, eh?) and was pleasantly shocked to hear they had sold a number of my pieces. so, YEA.

cause for celebration, i thought.....so we found a cool little mexican joint called gilbert's nearby to whoop it up....fernando the bartender was a doll, and the homemade tortilla chips are to DiE for.....

mwaH, @ gilbert's