January 28th, 2008

baby pony

coal miner's daughter

when chuck leaves for work i often can't get back to sleep.....like today (when he left around 4:30 am) it was pouring rain out, jozee the dog was pacing, and i had nothing better to do than snuggle in my electric heated blanket bed (set to 9!) and surf some pay channels. i lucked out, and found 'coal miner's daughter,' a film i'd seen 20 odd years ago, but knew i would see again if given the chance.

not only did sissy spacek nail loretta lynn's character and mannerisms (spacek insisted on singing all the tracks herself) she managed to make it her own.

that sort of individuality is rare to find, in all creative fields. we're all inspired by those who came before us, often copying out of pure admiration than anything else. but, to respect and honor those that inspire, while still translating a truly unique voice? now, THAT's genius...