February 6th, 2008

baby pony

face off.

i caved.

i finally joined facebook.


cuz my brother guilted me into it. (patrick persons, just so ya know. the ultra cute guy with the suit, pink bow tie and hat on my friends list....and no, he is not geh)

i'm just getting used to myspace, and now i have to adjust to this. i'm fighting this 'getting old gene' with a vengeance......i just keep telling myself, 'i think i can, i think i can,' like the little red caboose trudging along at the back of the heap.

my mom can't even program her own VCR, much less turn it on. and when she calls me on her cell, there's about a minute's worth of dead air when she decides to hang up......cuz she can't. find. the 'END' button. i should at least be proud of her for having a cell phone in the first place.....but, i'm a generation behind, so i guess i have bickering rights, yah?

i love her dearly, but i'm trying not to become her.
sadly, i only know how to turn on 2 of our 3 TV's.....so, i guess i'm well on my way...