February 18th, 2008

baby pony

dream no. 6,006,258

had the most palpable dream last night.....

i decided to go visit a museum that was exhibiting a video installation of mine. this is a piece i actually made about 8 years ago, where i video taped myself sleeping for approximately 30 minutes. i encased it in a coffin like box with a hole cut out where my sleeping head peeked through.

but, in the dream i walked in the room and the video was projected onto a wall. and the video i submitted, it turns out, was not the finished cut. rather, it was the raw copy, showing bits of footage that i never intended to reveal.

but, i liked it.

i stayed in the back of the room, looking at this unfold before me. i watched the video, and grimaced at first, but then noticed the room full of onlookers glued to the screen.

and then, out of the blue......one of the gallery goers walked up to me and said he enjoyed my work and congratulated me. it was david hockney?!!! i thought to myself, was that REALLY david hockney, or just a look alike???

i knew it was a dream, but i wanted to stay there. it was like i was suspended in this state of ecstasy, almost like a wet dream, wanting to view this unintentional/organic artwork while simultaneously feeding upon the attention it garnered.