March 17th, 2008

baby pony

pass the set dressing please

this is one of my favorite pockets of fake graffiti on the set of the soloist (chuck's latest gig). i snapped this while we showed mom and bob around during their visit. chuck told me one of the artists hired to 'dirty up' the set was constantly being pulled aside by patrolling police during prep. they thought he was a real graffiti artist, despite his air mask, movie credentials and technical gear.
baby pony

artist alert! - jeremy iacone

artwork by jeremy iacone

i have the good fortune of meeting a lot of great people thru my website and journal, both artists and art lovers alike....

a few weeks ago jeremy iacone contacted me. he found me thru the grapevine and shared some of his work. he informed me he was a 'screenwriter turned image maker,' which intrigued me, only because it confirmed my belief that different liberal disciplines tend to eventually collide. i think most artists at some point in their careers mix mediums out of pure boredom, angst, or just plain curiosity.

self portrait by jeremy iacone

jeremy's artwork is derived from cell phone photographs, a medium that is to some extent the modern day polaroid. but, he takes it a step further, manipulating it to resemble that of a retro renaissance masterpiece, full of chiarscuro modeling and painterly depth. his images are hauntingly beautiful, combining modern day technology with old world sensibilities. i was tempted to ask jeremy his techniques, as cell phones are notoriously known for their lack of quality....but i think i'd much rather enjoy his images and leave the process a mystery, much like a dream that awakens you with a smile.

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