April 18th, 2008

baby pony


critter dramas galore today.....

first, i awake to our 17 year old doggie having YET another seizure. so, i cradled her, rubbed her chinny chin chin, whispered sweet nothings into her ears (not that she ever heard them) until she finally settled.

then, i walked out to our atrium this afternoon to find one of our newly un-hiberating turts (li'l dick) all coiled up and on his back, with a BLEEDiNG and nicked shell.

i thought he was a goner.
honest to goddess, i was ready to start digging the grave right then and there.
i looked to the left and saw the murderess....

'STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,' i yelled, in true form.

she just doesn't quite GET the difference between 'play toy' and 'loved one' evidently.......so, i taught her a lesson. first by shrilling at her like i've never done before (i've never yelled at chuckie this loud.......weeeeeeeeell, maybe?????) then THROWiNG her in the backyard, literally (yes PETA-i said it!!!!!!!)

she will NEVER, EVER have an atrium pass for the rest of her days.....mark my words.

i cradled our li'l dick, nursed him back, felt his breath on my neck and promised him the big/bad stella would never, EVER dig him up again.