June 4th, 2008

baby pony


so, chuck got this spiffy new gps watch a few weeks back and i borrowed it yesterday on my walk. sort of a cool way to document your path and draw at the same time. i wasn't trying, but this looks an awful lot like sideshow bob...

is it art?

artist alerts!

artwork by loretta lux

time magazine's recent issue has an interesting write-up on some pretty amazing photographers currently rocking the art world. i couldn't help but poke around the internet in search of more info and imagery on these artists, as i was completely captivated by the few pictures i saw in the article.

artwork by barbara probst

so, for those of you who don't subscribe, i thought i'd share the links i found. along the way, i also stumbled across tim connor's photography blog-which is a pretty great read, if you're so inclined.

artwork by ryan mcginley

loretta lux takes portraits of children and graphically manipulates them, creating a mysteriously haunting effect. barbara probst takes the idea of capturing a moment in time one step further, by snapping multiple views of the same moment. ryan mcginley paints a picture of the quintessential youth culture, while taryn simon reveals hidden, and often sombre aspects of american society, as seen in the cryogenic lab photo below.

artwork by taryn simon