August 17th, 2008

baby pony

ukulele lady

what can i say, i love my uke. i've been channeling my creative juices in obscure ways lately.....that's right, i'm a closet singer-songwriter-well, except for when i post my songs to the world through youtube *gulp*!

p.s. anybody got a left handed guitar they wanna unload? i'm startin' to get the shakes for some more strings. ; )
baby pony

who wants some i scream?

i just thought of something funny that happened years ago when chuck visited me in belleville, IL. (i apologize, but in my impending old age, i feel the need to document these things so that i can look back one day and pee in my depends undergarments whilst doing a full spit take with my ritual vodka-orange medamucil cocktail... blended, preferably....why? you guessed it: dentures)

anyway, we were driving through town and passed a building with a sign on the front reading 'seniors exchange center.' i thought to myself, 'hmmmmm, looks like any other small town center for the elderly-i better speed up so chuck doesn't think i live in some podunk, hillbilly hole in the ground!'.....but chuck, being the ever observant comedian at heart, noticed it right away and without missing a beat pointed out that if interpreted wrong, the sign might read:

'senior sex change center'

now, of course, in this day and age (oh my god, i'm ALREADY old if i'm using THAT dated phrase) with the internet and sites like youtube and myspace, i'm thinking what great video material that would've made - us posing as brother and sister walking in to inquire about sex changes for our pre-op transgendered grandparents....