August 21st, 2008

baby pony


i don't usually spout off about politics, especially here. and i don't think it should be any surprise that i normally lean to the left.....BUT,

come on barack. honestly?

you're accusing mccain of being wealthy and out of touch because he didn't happen to recall the exact number of properties he and his wife own? i mean seriously, that's like asking a redneck how many guns he owns or how many porn magazines he has stuffed beneath his mattress! once you have more than one or two, it just doesn't matter anymore. why clutter your mind (especially at mccain's age) with such useless information? it sounds as if you're berating the man for being financially stable (or at the very least marrying someone who is).....let's not forget that you and your wife raked in an estimated 4.2 MILLION last year, mr. 'in touch.'

i'd much rather my future president be concerned with more important things than the size of his own bankroll or say, how many friends he has on myspace....