baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

filmy residue

so, i visited chuckie on the set of the soloist last week....

but, before that, (sans shooting) he showed me the ropes. i nearly DiED of ecstasy, as this was a junk walkers delight, only i couldn't pick anything up to put in my art things, cuz it's part of the film, part of the effect, the homelessness of L.A. it's totally made to look like skid row, but this area is complete with paid security guards and (sorta) sanitary porto-pottys. even one of the artists that was PAiD to create a graffiti image on one of the building fronts was nearly arrested by unsuspecting patrolling's THAT convincing.

i'm so glad they're employing real homeless people on this flic, as they need the boost of self esteem, as well as the extra income...i've always felt many of us are only one step away from being homeless *sigh,* maybe even a half step or less.

chuckie connecting one of many cables to his video village

robert downey's stand in is on the right....DEAD ringer!!!!! i thought it was the real deal when i snapped it.....yes, i'm a TOTAL celebrity HAWG! but seriously, i'm REALLY respectful when i meet them face to face...........kinda, sorta, heh heh.

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