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road trippin'

kimya dawson and me after the show (taking a power nap), howie & son's pizza, visalia, ca., 4.26.08

it has always been a goal of mine to see the magically terrific kimya_dawson_ perform live. so, i hopped in my truck this past weekend and made the 3 hour pilgrimage up north to do just that.

shortly after leaving the confines of the city, i rolled down my window and breathed in the essence of farm....something that always reminds me of 'home.' i would've never known this little town of visalia ever existed had kimya not drawn me there....the next morning a power outage forced a majority of old town to close shop for the day, but that didn't stop me from havin' a gay old time. nuh uh! i still had a blast exploring a bunch of great old historical buildings and walking through some very gritty but charming back alleys. mmmmmmm, brick and mortar!!!!!

i do believe i'll go back there someday....


Apr. 28th, 2008 11:02 pm (UTC)
she's adorable alright.....after every song she would shyly say, 'thank you???' almost like she was half way expecting people to boo her off stage and start a riot or something.....this girl is HUMBLE, especially for having so many chops, i tellya.

where's matt's bro's shop? here? would he ever book her again? cuz, i'd love to see her in the L.A. area....i think they'd give her way more respect than they did in poe-dunk visalia, ca. the pizza parlor where she played was so busy and some of the customers were clearly there only for the pizza, cuz they didn't use their 'indoor voices,' yah? SOOOOO frustrating, cuz most of kimya's stuff is acoustic and semi quiet-and all of a sudden you'd hear this joe in the back room hopped up on $5 pitcher beer yelping in the background....
Apr. 28th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
He doesn't have the coffee shop anymore. :( Stupid Starbucks is probably to blame. haha

And I think it was the Moldy Peaches, so she wasn't just alone, but either would be cool!

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