baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

goddess damn it t' one....minus two


why is it?!!

the only people i feel capable of phoning lately are either not awake or barely asleep.....or don't have opposable thumbs (don't ask)?!! or perhaps they're simply unavailable, in true L.A. form?! (but, if you must know, *i'm* the fluck up who hates phones.....although i like the idea of them.....the way they flip.....the way they show their light and's very a cave girl's kinda way. oooogah. ugh ugh.)

maybe i should just take a walk.......and sleep on it?.........i can do that.
no, really, seriously.

i walk...
i sleep...
very well, actually.

i've had a LOT of experience doing both.
i an olympiad.

hmmmmm, i might just put this on my 'real world' resume, come to think of it....

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