baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

yes, i speak with a list.

so, i'm one of those types that keeps lists....

i use anything i can scribble with, but mostly i recycle leftover remnants from my handmade book, as i have thousands of pieces of blank white card stock that (as the saying goes) 'hit the cutting room floor.'

i even have an old 'iowa city glass & mirror co.' writing tablet that's been floating around since my childhood, for just such a frantic occasion. but, now i hesitate to use it.....cuz it's turned into more of an antique than a reusable product. i recall an endless supply of this stuff in all corners of my dad's office while growing up. (he most likely insured the folks of said glass co., boinked the owner's wife, or both) i guarantee you though, once this notepad is depleted, i'll prolly stay awake nights surfing ebay, scheming the perfect way to score a cheap bulk amount of it. and you KNOW i'll have it shipped via media mail!!!!! HELLOOOOOO, fellow cheap-a-holics!!!!

i've considered saving some of these obscure lists i make, only because they paint such a pure imprint that no journal, interview or biography could ever replicate (which explains my fascination with found post-it notes and the like) but, i just don't have the vault space for such an obsession. actually, i'd much rather go through them months afterward and just release them like cremated ashes, strewn inside the thunderous blue recycle truck that religiously visits us every wednesday morning. A(WO)MEN.

today i thumbed through my lastest scribble read:

'look up british slang for raincoat'

i don't recall writing it, and for the life of me don't know WHY......but, i still wanna know.


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