baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

make art, not war....and throw in some A/C while you're at it!

sea and space gallery is hosting a 'work in' from 5pm tonight thru 5pm tomorrow. sort of a take on the whole john and yoko 'bed in' back in the 60's. looks like anyone can participate-all you need are a few pillows, sheets and an open mind (and it wouldn't hurt to bring a few condoms, knowhumsayin'?)

they're even broadcasting it LiVE on the internets, so all you peeping toms can have a look see. chuck lent a bunch of his equipment so they can have multiple views of the action.

click here to watch....

i would've considered participating, but it's like 100 flucking degrees today, and i'm a whiny ass bitch in the heat. plus, i've got a killer cold to boot and i'd hate to spread it to all those happy shiny art folks.

so, i'll just have to save the world another day...

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