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 oh. my. goddess.....

i literally came here wanting to post something quick and simple and sadly forgot how to do it.  that is to say, i forgot what menu to pull down to even START ENTERiNG a flucking post.  

*sigh* yes.....i am THAT out of journal shape, it's ridiculous.

i've been in a youtube coma.  
what can i say?

oh yeah......i meant to say i just dipped my feet in the pool.
the water was 60º, but HEY, i got pool time today!  WOO HOO!!!!!



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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 17th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
yeah, i'm still trying to figure THAT one out.

i'm aroused, i'm annoyed, i'm aroused, i'm annoyed..... ; )
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2009 01:31 am (UTC)
yeah well, if it gets warm enough, you're more than welcome to come on over and hop in! ; )
Apr. 18th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
You put your feet in the pool? But it's freezing!
Apr. 18th, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
i know, i'm still shivering......stella's doing laps though.
(and there's a skunk taking a nap at the bottom, just so ya know)
Apr. 18th, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
Ricky and I were just commenting yesterday how it had been so long since you made a post on LiveJournal, and you magically appeared! Are you somehow reading our minds? :)
Apr. 18th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
yes, YES.......i read minds!
*sigh* i just don't know how to make money doing it.
i'm not THAT psychic.....YET.

Apr. 18th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
Welcome back to the cool club :-)
Apr. 18th, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
yeah well....

i've already got cramps, it's been so long. ; )
Apr. 18th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
yea, pool time. Kids and I will be swimming today as the weather will get in the 90's this weekend.
Apr. 18th, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
unfortunately our pool probably still won't be swimmable, even with this heat.....one thing's for sure though, our turtles'll come out from their long winter nap soon. have fun with the kiddles!
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