baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

as seen on TV

so, does anyone out there get charter cable? here's the schedule for my spot on the 'focus on the foothills-montrose art walk' TV show..

for anyone living in la canada, ca. it'll air at 7:30 pm tomorrow (april 16), channel 25, public TV.
for those in glendale, la crescenta or montrose, ca. it'll air at 3:00 pm on sunday (april 17), channel 25?..not sure on this, you might have to surf a bit.

figures. we have digital cable and won't get it, although my future dad in-law agreed to tape it. anyone who wants to throw in a tape and fire it my way, i'd be MOST appreciative. my mom needs a copy, and bad. i'll cover for tape and shipping costs, honest. ;-)

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