baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

wet doggin' X 2

i'm sensing a theme today..
i decided to take a walk, even though it started to rain, and i found a wet dog on pine cone road. and NO, i'm NOT gonna use this found object in my art.. he wasn't far from home, so i thought, 'this'll be easy. i'll just call the owners and they'll pick him up, and that'll be that.'
well, 'whitenose,' who looked to be a young lab mix without a speck of white on him, had other plans. he let me pet him and scratch his belly and rub his ears, but his thirst for freedom took hold and he bolted before i could catch up to him. i called the owners, but they weren't home, so i tried my best to keep up with the guy..(hm. whitenose.. maybe they named him for his cocaine addict like tendencies?) he weaved in and out of yards, making sure to taunt the jailed dogs and left his mark until he was shooting nothing but blanks.
he stayed near, but refused to be wrangled. finally, just as whitenose was starting to lose his high, i reached the owner, who spoke broken english and didn't even know her dog had escaped. the pooch and i hung out, had one last pet, then i sent him on his way. he'll have stories to tell his grandpups, and i'll rest easy, knowing good ol' whitenose didn't become red roadkill..

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