baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

ad a little

so, i'm retooling my next ad campaign..
still debating, but i think this is what i'm going with (above) simple, minimal wording, with an art piece for visual association. some call it product branding. communication is key, but too much information can confuse or bore an audience.
marketing is NOT my area of expertise, but it must be done.
the problem is..

what do i promote?
my art?
my art studio web cam?
my name?
my journal?
my passion for found objects?

had another chat/discussion/critique/scolding/occupational therapy session?? with michael salerno last night (artist and marketing director with coagula magazine) he has this way of making me feel like a complete idiot, while at the same time jump starting me into action, which may or may not be the right direction. he referred to it as 'talking turkey.' and he served it up piping hot with all the trimmings. the oddest part of our conversation..i went out to the studio so he could see me live on my cam and i started rambling about something and wondered if he was still on the line..and he said, 'oh yeah, i'm doing other stuff as i talk to you..' (poking around my site, etc.) is this guy incredibly rude..or refreshingly honest? i'm still trying to figure it all out.

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