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stopped by the goodwill store on my junk walk..
i used to always think i liked thrift stores because i'm cheap.
now i know better.

did this person donate this skirt because they lost 50 pounds and no longer want 'fat' clothes? or did they gain 50 pounds and not want to be reminded of their thinner, more socially acceptable self. did another person leave behind a men's dress shirt because it was no longer in fashion, or because it was their husband's, who just passed away?

i realized i'm on the hunt for something much bigger than a bargain. i want history. i want to be connected. i want to feel these people's stories by smelling the essence of perfume left behind, beholding the markings from everyday life.

many people ask where the name baby smith comes from..
it was the name given to me by the state of nebraska before i was adopted. although i've met a large part of my biological family and am deeply indebted to my adoptive family for taking me in..............

i'm still searching.


Jul. 16th, 2005 01:05 pm (UTC)
There was a really cool show on PBS about a year or so ago, I forget the name of it, but it was made by two guys who bought an old ambulance (on ebay, I think) and traveled the country buying junk at thrift stores and yard sales. They used secondhand video equipment that they had bought on the cheap, and they used old records they bought along the way as the music for the show. They tried to get the stories behind the stuff they bought. They focused on the social aspect of junk. The show may have been called "Secondhand America", I'm not sure. Anyway, at the end, they had a yardsale and sold all the stuff they had bought. They interviewed the people who bought the stuff.
They were hoping PBS would pick up the show as a series, but I guess it never happened.

Ah, I just looked it up...It's "Secondhand Stories". Here's a link about the show.
I really enjoyed the show. They should have made it a series.
Jul. 16th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)
oh my land..
i would've SO TiVOED this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dang nabbit. pbs brats..

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