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was it fate? you decide..

i've never considered myself an overly spiritual person..and by this i mean a person who strongly believes in the occurrence of miracles, signs from beyond, or even daily horoscopes. (well, o.k. at least the ones published in 'cosmo.') but, today fate appeared to smack me right in the face. as i was walking the 'belly' (what i refer to as the stretch of neighborhoods between pennsylvania and ramsdell streets) it happened.

my mind was wandering, as it usually does, darting between thoughts of my next artistic endeavor/marketing strategy (sure to garner me immediate riches, infinite stardom, and numerous accolades. HA!) and fantasies, ranging from what meal, caffeinated or alcoholic beverage i might prepare and ingest tonight, sure to cancel out any benefits gained from my strenuous cardiovascular ritual.

i spun my ipod to 'browse,' then 'artists,' then 'radiohead,' finally landing on 'the bends' and tapped 'play.' no better music to zen out to, and i was in the midst of 'planet telex' when my mind remembered a recent post by anavoog, mentioning she really loves to play the bass guitar best, out of all the instruments she plays. then i asked myself, as radiohead drove my senses into overdrive, what instrument might i play, if i were granted the necessary attributes to perform such a task..


then, not a half step further my eyes looked down to find the remnants of a torn up, driven over, pulverized piece of a cardboard box (below)

was this a sign? am i depriving the world of its next percussive darling genius? my instincts say i'm better off using this delapadated piece of pulp in a future assemblage. i think chuck chuckvideo, no doubt, will respect my decision.

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