baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

i feel oogy

really wanted to check out the kuspit lecture on arshile gorky at jack rutberg fine arts last night. dag nabbit. just too much going on around here..a visit to see kit in the hospital (still in ICU, poor girl) and chuck's early call time this a.m. (working the dga awards) kept us close to home last night.

just as well..i was hoping to be the last one on earth the give this latest flu bug the finger, but i can't deny the symptoms: body creaking, throat bulging, and my ears feel ready to seep some sort of questionable discharge at the slightest swimmer's tap. i think i'll rest easy today. take a smallish walk near home, do some putz work in the studio, and maybe watch one of our latest netflix's tonight ('pecker')

my tossing and turning last night supplied me with some intensely vivid dreams, though. chuck picked me up piggy back style and we leapt as if by pogo stick through his parent's backyard. (btw, ganatronic, the hang time was iNCREDiBLE) anyway, i noticed the next door neighbor transforming his home into a donut shop, and thought-'hmm. wally's really gonna LOVE that.'

the only true positive derived from sickness:

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