baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

bifocal points

and i love you, portland..

chuck, ian and i ventured out to the brewery art complex last night for the latest i-5 gallery exhibit opening - '20/20 visions.' featured are such notables as richard ankrom, leigh salgado, and michael salerno. ran in to mat gleason, aka coagula, and exchanged stories of our latest travels.

the brewery was bustling last night, with many resident artists opening their doors in tandem with the gallery, hoping to spread their own vision, connect and possibly sell. it's a community that i crave, and would probably give my left knee to be a part of..but, perhaps i'm coming down with the 'grass is greener' bug that's been going around.

'20/20 visions,' a show asking 20 brewery artists to choose 20 non-brewery artists to exhibit together, seemed an intriguing concept...and a glaring reminder of how disconnected i sometimes feel from the L.A. art world.
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