baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith


busy busy last weekend..

one of my face doodles from saturday's montrose artwalk

worked all day saturday at the montrose artwalk...sold a few things, met some cool people, soaked up some major vitamin D. favorite quote of the day..

"SO, ARE YOU GONNA GIVE ME THE TICKET?? JUST GIVE ME THE TICKET, ALRIGHT!!," screamed an evangelist to an officer in a nearby parking lot. he had parked his van, rolled down all his windows, turned his tape deck volume to high...and proceeded to BLAST a 3 part series on how to find god. obviously, this program excluded the virtues of keeping the peace or loving thy neighbor..

kimberly and kevin taking in the sights and sounds of mayberry..uh, i mean montrose

kimberly and kevin interrupted their dread making festivities to enjoy the montrose farmer's market with us yesterday. we enjoyed ourselves at a nearby greasy spoon, ingesting our day's worth of carbs and getting caught up with our newfound friends.

kimberly, from a few weeks back at TARfest. this girl NOT the butteriest creation you've ever laid your eyes on???

chuck and i checked out the brewery artwalk for the rest of the day..brain freeze set in pretty quick, however. MUST digest that event more wisely next time..

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