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mommy dearest..

talked with my mom today..

she said she's not looking forward to her birthday (feb. 12) i'd tell you how old she's turning, but she told me this, and i quote,

'becky, i'll chop you up in little bits and drop you in the garbage disposal if you ever tell a living soul how old i am.' (in quite a matter of fact tone, i might add.)

then she adamantly told me her obituary notice will have NO mention of her age, otherwise the person responsible will be promptly diced and sliced and disposed of accordingly.

i love my mom.
she'd be the most unassuming serial killer.


Feb. 1st, 2005 06:58 pm (UTC)
does that go for me also? or can I inadvertantly let it slip? I am proud of her and her age, and that she has taken care of herself and looks younger. ---I hope she passed that ability on---
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