baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

i photog, you photog, we all photog..

riddle me this..

i wake up this morn and pop open my october issue of 'art in america.' (yes...i'm THAT behind on my reading) what do i find? a most buttery account of diane arbus's traveling retrospective, famous photog extraordinaire.

which leads me to believe i'm on a bit of a photography bent. case in point:

i grabbed a book from our libAry's free box (as chuck and i lovingly refer to it) the other day. not knowing who authored it, i felt strangely attracted to only one photo (above) so, i stuffed it into my junk bag and proceeded to walk, in search of more found objects. i later tore this picture from the book and pinned it above my workspace. what did i see in this photo that so attracted me? was it the pixie haircut, the 2 front teeth yet to fall out? did it remind me of my mom? did it remind me of myself? all i know is, it speaks of childhood innocence, the point where one believes in fantasy, yet still lives in the here and now... by adopting friends, playing outside where the air is fresh and the world is endless. i wonder where this girl is now..but, part of me doesn't want to know. because so often, we get distracted, jaded, and forget the child inside of us.

p.s. author of said book: ansel adams, artificial-light photography, circa 1968.

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