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mixed media and found objects on altered postcard

lately i've been noticing some changes going on in my art. over the last year or so my focus has been on mixed media assemblages have always had elements of collage, but i'm talking more about 2-dimensional types of collage, where paper cuttings and rippings are dominant.

i read something in eunice parson's art statement for her recent showing at chambers in portland that really struck a cord with me. it was one of the best statements i've ever read. unpretentious and straightforward. her progression through many mediums brought her to collage, a way of making art that both challenged and provided great satisfaction for her.

i realized that perhaps i'm not the only artist in the world who feels inadequate because i can't draw a horse, a dog, or even a person from memory (or from models or pictures for that matter) with any great skill. for some reason, i've just always felt funny that i can't perform in certain expected ways as an artist. for instance, i'm not eccentric (o.k. i'm a found object artist who picks up junk that most people consider trash. that might be considered weird) but, i don't have unnaturally colored hair or have the hippest clothes and i'm painfully shy. i guess you could say i'm the anti-artist. all i know is, i can't go to sleep, dream, or wake up without thinking about art. my kind of art.

another part of eunice's statement that stayed with me was the fact that she initially used collage as a means to resolve compositional issues..almost like studies for larger works. just in the past few weeks i've been having multiple eureka moments while collaging. points where i thought i knew where i was headed with a piece and it took a totally different direction. like in the piece above..i initially clipped stray pieces of yellow and white ephemera to fill in the bottom so i could then layer more on top and it wouldn't look all bumpy and wavy. and then i stopped and looked. i nearly dropped to my knees because the 'fill in' looked so beautiful to me. it seemed half hazard, but in a purposefully bold way. the piece was taking on painterly qualities, too..but, i'm not a painter. (at least not yet. never say never) the textures suddenly became brushstrokes. the work also became kinetic, as the 'Y' looks like it's precariously dangling on a cliff on its way down. and the composition seems both complex AND simple to me, something i'm always trying to achieve.

these moments don't come very often, but when they do, it's the best drug in the world..

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