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american public radio featured a segment on stephen vitiello and his upcoming soundscape for the 2006 turin winter olympics. using high-speed winter sports as his inspiration, he translated sounds like the 'whooshing' of skates against ice and the heaves of fast breathing into collaged arrangements he describes as 'interesting disorientation.'

to hear stephen talk about his work and hear samples of this installation click here (then scroll down to the 'sounds of speed' link)

craving more samples, i stumbled upon this dreamy sequence and a very poignant documentary segment covering his experiences while occupying a 91st floor studio in the world trade center in 1999.

a little more digging..oh, how i love my internet(s).. brought me this archived piece (scroll down to #25) from WRIR in richmond, va., which contains full length track samples and a discussion with stephen about his process. (although the interviewer/dj seemed a bit dim, stephen held his own)

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