baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

pasadena artnight..

the crowds seemed on the thin side (most likely due to inclement weather) for friday night's pasadena spring artnight...which was fine by me, making it easier to navigate the artwork.

pasadena museum of california art, spring artnight, 2006

ian and i planned our itinerary with ease..having similar artistic interests and wishing to avoid the overwhelm which often accompanies such cram packed nights..

we decided to forgo the shuttle service, as the routes we planned seemed easily walkable. we checked out the armory northwest first, then drove to central pasadena and hit as many other venues as we could by foot.

(left) armory northwest, on the wall, murals exhibit, artwork by raymond saunders (right) one colorado, west colorado boulevard between fair oaks and delacey, digitalforum, pre-digital video classics showing through june (william wegman and one of his dogs, shown)

(left) ian (a.k.a. grandpa), putting on the 'winter' gear...he's homegrown and available girls..get him while he's hawt! (right) clearly, the best dressed of the night

(left) armory center for the arts, bugology exhibition (right) sylvia tidwell's encaustic bugs

(left) soo kim at PMCA (right) raimonds staprans' 'four squares' at PMCA

raimonds staprans' retrospective at PMCA was a clear stand out of the night...and a perfect way to end an evening of power museum hopping. having never heard of him.. i felt i struck gold, falling deeply into his dreamy compositions with heavily built up oil and saturated color. show ends next sunday.

(left) drunken dork, a.k.a. me, attempting to play (or write?) in the snow (right) ian, about to be struck by the world's largest snowflake

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