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playing catch up..

i know, i know...
it happened LAST weekend..
but, the brewery artwalk doesn't have a 'born on' date, so it never goes stale, right?

chuck and ian explore the otto youngers exhibit on view at L.A. ArtCore

chuck, ian and i took in a day's worth last saturday...making sure to hit all our favorite pit stops. i was quite surprised and delighted with misato suzuki's work, and also otto youngers' latest offering at the L.A. ArtCore Center, although i didn't have time to stop and chat, as that would've cut in to our precious agendas. we kept the pace, only stopping for cocktails at barbara's (hey, we HAVE our priorities) and other must sees...like chuck hood's amazing video installations..peri's lamps, leigh salgado (who also happens to have THE world's MOST infectious laugh) and mat gleason at the i-5 gallery.

arbitrary succulent

mat gleason at the i-5

i won't name names, but i was a bit miffed after one artist didn't allow me to take a picture of one of her pieces (which we intended to buy) i mentioned i might put a small image up on my blog and credit her, but, after consulting her husband on the matter, she refused. well, i still like her work, but i'll never promote her, and she most definitely lost a sale.

i leave you with after pix, taken at pepe's, our favorite local dive..

jon & cathy

cathy & ian

me, and jose in the background bringing our vittles

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