baby pony

apex electronics

visited one of my favorite places on earth today....apex electronics. made it out of there with a very full and heavy bag of miscellaneous metal bits - all for just $7 (the cashier said he'd throw in the dirt for free) i found most of my treasures lying on the ground out back in the scrap yard section, not unlike the way i usually find things.

i felt very at home there.

baby pony


why would a honey and pollination truck be parked outside the sheriff's station?

answer: bee-cuz.

alternate answer: it was a sting operation.

the station fire

sunny so cal has suddenly turned into a warzone.

as if it isn't hot enough....this is what our neighboring city, la canada, has been dealing with over the past 3 days. firefighters have been battling this blaze in the angeles national forest, and right now conditions don't appear to have anywhere to go but up....

as of today, the authorities reported it's 0% contained.

did i mention we live right up against the angeles national forest?

yes well, so far there have only been voluntary evacuations in la canada, so i'm crossing my fingers our little town will only suffer a foul smokey stench and maybe an inch thick layer of ash when it's all said and done. guess i should really think about packing a 'just in case' bag though.

needless to say, i'll be glued to the news and this cam all day....
baby pony

art, anyone?

i'm glued to this site until october....artist, antony gormley's latest undertaking, a living sculpture entitled "one and other" in the middle of trafalgar square (london) is both mundane and riveting.

i watched last night as a young woman proceeded to text during her entire hour slot......boring, yes. but, as she stood there for nearly an hour, holding a contrapposto pose that is all too familiar to most beginning year art students, i thought to myself: she could very well represent the 'venus de milo' of our times.